29 April, 2010

1st time-out in 2 months

I've slogged and worked my guts out between Mar and Apr 2010, especially so in Mar and decided to take the back seat in Apr.

I was over the sky when my boss told me she'll remove the taking leave curfew immediately as the AR recon will be finalised by this week. As usual, my "beloved" evil buddy took emergency leave on Tuesday when the curfew was lifted!!!!

Last week, I was pretty upset when you told me that you have not watched a movie for a long long time and the last you've watched was Avatar. Since I took leave, we went to watch Toy Story 1 & 2 at Plaza Singapura. I was a little worried that you won't be able to stay still for so long, quite a smart move by the cinema to do a 10min toilet cum snack break in-between the 3hr movie. Guess what, I did a mini 10 minutes shopping during the break and came back to join you in 20 minutes.

I didn't get to use the movie vouchers which I bought during promo again. We shall use it the next time we go since there are cartoon movies coming along the next 2months.

Since we are at Plaza Sing, I went to Spotlight to check on the QK Epix 6, stock is not in yet, I'm getting impatience, when is it coming in?

15 April, 2010

1st Ballet Exam on 14 Apr 2010 (Wed)

Time flies, you had been in Ballet for over a year. I'm sure you've enjoyed yourself and danced to the fullest over the 1 year. I intend to let you continue with this hobby till a time when time is not enough for you to juggle. Excuse me, I need to admin that I'm a typical KS mummy!!!

Totally amazed by uncle David's magic hands, from got fringe to become no fringe!!! This will also mean I need to keep your fringe long for your next exam in 1 year's time.
You were like a little angel flying around......

All set to gallop into the exam hall

06 April, 2010

Wake up his idea, yes or no?

Hmmm been a while since I last blogged. This means that I had been tied-down by that damn recon work till now. Had been doing the recon for the last 2½ years, only 3 weeks ago then I was told/taught how to do it. All these while, these was wrongly completed!!! Big THANKS to my so-called buddy whom should have shared the knowledge with me, did I say share? Don't think I've learnt any from him. He is ruining the whole team's performance. How I wish he can be more "automatic" gear? When will the day come? When can he wake up his idea? Will he wake up?