10 November, 2010

New LIFE......

Yes, I've decided to put financial accounting industry in the cold storage. Many have commented that I did a good job and will move far if I were to continue.

I've discussed with Sir that I do not mind a pay cut in exchange for a more balanced & quality lifestyle. To choose between work and family life, I go for the later.

I ever mention in my earlier post that I'll take 1-2 months break before I start to work again. Certain circumstances are simply not within our control.

Just 2 weeks into my much deserved break, I had just started work as an administrator with a US MNC. It's a total new experience for me but I know for sure that I can do it well and looking forward to a balanced and quality lifestyle. You can feel the joy with me.

Some positive compliments that I've received:
1) my princess is happy that I work at this "new" place where I need to take the MRT and walk. Supposed she can sense that her mummy is happier now;

2) I look brighter, liver and cheery as compared to before;

3) my helper has complimented that I looked happy and better just 1 week into my new role!!!

All the positive compliments had motivated me to egg on with zeal and vibrant. I do hope my experience in financial accounting will help to improve the process flow and move the service level to another level.

31 October, 2010

Fun-filled day at USS (Universal Studio Singapore)

Since Sir is off on Friday, I've decided to ride on RWS's October promotion of $10 rebate in the form of meal and retail voucher with every entrance ticket purchased.
Hello ALL from USS!!!

We started the day early, around 10am. I was surprised that it was crowded irregardless if is weekdays or weekends. I'm sure they gonna break-even soon at the popularity it is going. I'm one of those that will help to boost their sales, I was there 2 weeks ago (team outing) and am here again.

To our surprise, you've tried all the rides except the mummy due to height restriction. I can tell that you've enjoyed yourself and we enjoyed it too. We shall made this a periodic outing, probably bi-yearly.

Below are some pictures to share:

~~~upload error, please be patient, thanks~~~

Stay tune for some updates in 1-2 weeks time!!!

11 October, 2010

S$1,800/- unexpected spending

S$1,800 is the cost of repair to my car. What did I do?

On 07 Oct 2010 (Thur), I met an accident on my way to Subordinate Court for SCT consultation. I was turning to the extreme right turning lane and I know that my car can pass through, yet I hit the lorry which has over took me earlier. Does this got to do with ego? Why didn't he move on?

After SCT consultation, I drove to the workshop, thinking that this will probably cost me S$1k. Totally shock by the quotation!!!

Life without a car is a total mess, especially on weekend when we need to ferry her between classes.

Fri, I took the MRT to Joo Koon then taxi to work. My colleague who stays near me has given me a lift home and I can "depend" on him for the next few days.

Good to have a almost new car at this time. No more snoopy, after I leave, nobody can catch me on the street. kekeke

28 September, 2010

Life goes on....

I told Sir that I felt drained and tired. I need a break (1-2 months) but I'll sure return to the workforce as I still want to enjoy the government benefit aka CPF for at least the next 10-15 years. Or should I say that I'm saving for my princess's 1st home.

My health had suffered greatly in the recent months and I've made a rational decision to call it a day. Someone has advised me, it's a big organisation, they can survive without you or they may not need you in days to come and they may just ask you to leave.

Living in pink of health and a balanced lifestyle is what I want for my life.

I've slogged hard the last 3+ years. Took me more than 6 months to convince the management to allow me to mingle with the sales and sure enough, the gap is bridged and both are working in cohesion and lesser hostility.

I think I'm overly passionate to my work, for the last 1.5 years, I've worked on Sat, Sun, Public Holiday, X'mas Eve, New Year Eve, I do not know what is called holiday. One phone call and I'll set up my laptop to work!!!

I can still remembered that I've cried hard during my 1st CNY with them, we have to work on 2 weekends prior to CNY!! When and where do I find time to prepare for CNY? Lesson learnt, I started to prepare for CNY when X'mas is not even here yet!!

I've cried again during X'mas Eve because I need to support the operation till 7.45pm. By the time I got to where we are supposed to be, turkey been cut and ate, food were cold.

This year's New Year's Eve, I only got off work around 8+pm though I was supposed to leave by 6pm. Halfway through the celebration, received a phonecall to approve a document, I obediently went home to do it.

During my long absence, the team were put on trial run for the actual event that is going to happen in Oct. I did a full delegation of my duties and they did well.

26 September, 2010

Reservist 09 - 24 Sep 2010

Time flies, my helper has completed her 2 years contract with me and it's time for her to go home. I'm glad that she has agreed to work another year with me.

I remembered 2-3 years ago, I have chatted with my Sir, no matter how good a domestic helper can be, I'm set to change once contract is completed. I do not mind to do the training all over again. This was a lesson learnt from my previous helper's experience. Initially, she has agreed to renew her contract for 2 years, however, her work attitude and performance has drastically changed after she came back from her home leave. I've endured for 6 months and planned to change her by the 9th month. Lucky me that she came to tell me she needs to go home at the 8th month.

My current helper, I'm happy with her performance and she had been really dedicated to us. I'm lucky and proud to have her in my family. I shall call her the SME - subject matter expert for my household. During her absence, I was totally exhausted managing the chores at home. She had done a good job for me.

I've sounded her out if she is keen to work for me beyond 1 year, she seems keen because she needs money to build her dream home. Is that good news for me? I hope so.

I've a long to-do list during her absence / my long leave, guess what, little were completed or should I say, mojority didn't really get started at all!!! I've big plan for scrapping, all are on my desk or brain. I wanted to revamp some of the cabinets and storage, only managed to do 1-2. Well, I managed to clear a "truck load" of clothing, educational materials and shoes for Claris. This girl is Irene church mate's daughter. They've 2 kids, Claris, 2 years old and a boy 7-8mths old, HB is working in the church and the sole-breadwinner.

This 18 days at home has proven 1 thing, I cannot be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mum), I'll become insane. Working is the only way to keep me sane and enjoy life better.

10 August, 2010

FASHION statement ~~~~ for ME

I've used 2 Bazzil dotted swiss cardstocks and 3 patterned papers from Echo Park a walk in the Park collection for this 2-pages LOs. I've printed these 2 photos and selected the papers one Friday ago, didn't get around to scrap till this Friday night. Simply don't feel like scrapping though I know I need to scrap. As usual, simple & clean-line LO to showcase her 2 favourite glitter tattoo designs and her MRT ride, can you tell she was on a MRT? Yes, it's the special 2-seaters at both ends of the carriage.

Been hoarding this Fiskars border cum corner punch from MWL recent pre-reno sale, finally getting to use it here.

Yes, that is 1 of my collection of Prima blings, goes well with the glitter tattoos in the photo.

09 August, 2010

Happy 45th B'day Singapore

You're 45th this year. It had been a long journey this far. There are ups & downs, twists & turns which you've managed them all. That is the spirit to go.

You've celebrated in school in this outfit. You have came to tell me that the t-shirt is plain and requested for something to be added, here's goes my creativity, ironed-on. It's a quick 5 minute fix.

This year, we've a fun-filled weekend lined up starting from Saturaday night. We took part in the Renewal of Marriage Vow Dinner held at the big field next to Commonwealth MRT. Our group has a couple whom celebrated their 45th anniversary this year, Mr & Mrs Tham while we were the youngest couple from BT zone 5.
National Day morning at 7.30am, we did the morning brisk walk round the jogging track, flag-raising & pledge at the newly built pavilion. Breakfast with some of the BT zone 5 members at the coffeeshop.

After breakfast, you saw neighbour's grandsons Ryan & Roy going blading, you've requested to do together with them, permission granted.

As GRLs (Grassroot Leaders), we managed to get tickets to celebrate at 1 of the 5 locations. Was a hot, sunny late afternoon, I think we can easily fly an egg on my head!!!

31 July, 2010

are you JANE

These photos remind me of JANE ( Tarzan's girlfriend), which explained the jungle theme and the title "are you JANE". This costume was big on you, I've used cloth pegs to hide the excess behind.

I've forgotten about the journal for this LO, I did a last minute add-on by creating a sliding envelope at the end of the page.

Stamped and colored the monkey with Copic markers and added the balloons die-cut.

I learnt this "pong pong" making from one of the class at LP, really enjoy making it!!!

26 July, 2010

Scrapping Journey

August marks my 3rd anniversary into scrapbooking. I need to thank my friend, Angie for introducing me to this wonderful hobby when she started her online SB business 3 years ago.

Initially, the one thing that caught my attention was patterned paper. I went through a phrase of paper "chase". First big purchase was $350+ on DCWV's paper stack, bear in mind, that amount spent is for half stack, sharing with a newly acquaintance friend I know through Angie. Whenever I see people organising spree from YSS (Your Scrapbook stash), it's another $40 to $50 worth of paper into my collection.

6 months into this hobby, 1 other brand that I know very well was Making Memories. I bought the Deluxe tools kit, Instant setter, brads and eyelets. I'm used to online shopping plus my "ah soh" nature, I've checked the prices locally and realised I can get them at at least 30-40% cheaper than locally. I gathered a few friends to order from US. Great saving here.

My major investment is Quickutz supplies. Machines, dies and accessories easily costed me more than $5k!!! I bought 1-2 sets of alphas locally, the rest I bought from US because prices are 30% to 70% cheaper.

You name it, I'm 90% sure that I have that item you need!!! That is the amount of stash that I've accumulated over the years. A few of my friends ever commented that I owned a mini scrapbook store!!!

When I first started, I was thinking that it shouldn't be difficult to complete scrapping those photos taken few years ago. Wrong, totally wrong. Only recently that I've completed the 2006-2008 photos, another 2-3 LOs for 2009.

My TO-DO list is as follows: my wedding, 2008 holiday, 2009 holiday (WIP), CNY, 3rd birthday, 4th birthday, Squash Book, Ribbon box, Caddy box, Door Signage, Door knots, Display clock, Teacher Day 2010, X'mas 2010 gifts. It's a trunk load of projects!!!

I find that scrapbooking is very therapeutic and suitable for my fast-pace life style. I truly enjoy this hobby and it helps to unleash the creative blood in me.

25 July, 2010


In a scrapping mood, created this LO to showcase your first encounter with make-ups and first on-stage experience.

Your playgroup school was invited to perform for the RC Mooncake Festival. During the performance, your glitter head gear dropped, you put it back but dropped again due to the strong wind. You've carried-on with your dance routine with confidence and you wasn't disturbed by the missing gear. Good job, keep up the good work.

I bought this Prima flower during the LSS 50% sale, it goes well with the photos. Added the glittered butterfly which I bought from YSS.

24 July, 2010

You're NINE

Yew Siong is my eldest nephew, heard from my helper that he'll be celebrating his birthday in school on Fri. Should I make or buy something for him? I did a 5 years old accordion for Jun Hao (2nd nephew). To be fair, I should make an album for him too. Initially, I've wanted to make a ME Album for him but I skipped the idea as I do not think he has the creative blood in him, better to make something visual for him to look instead.
This is a bullet train project! I've completed it in 2N 1D, sounded like a holiday. LOL. 1st night (Wed), 1+ hour to select paper, cut paper and paste paper; 2nd night (Fri), 4+hr to select & print photos, create page by page (total 6 pages), Sat after breakfast, 2hr, the last page, binding with Zutter and final touch up.
Best Buds
Tall, Taller, Tallest
Random Memory
Beloved PAPA & MAMA
Birthday Wish

Below more details:

Added bling bling to the title.

I've flocked the thickers, didn't show up on photo, you can touch it.

flowers on 1 of the page without title.
Glimmer misted the 7G envelope on the last page, I've added a tag, Anya has drew and wrote her personal message for him. Did background stamping with a notebook journal image and embossed the Birthday Wish image. Like the effect.

I've used up 1 collection of paper from Sassafras Lass for this project. Album is a good way to used up stash.

I've just bought 3 paper kits - Echo's Walking in the Park, Cosmo's Material Girl and Cosmo's Boyfriend. OOopppps.

20 July, 2010

1-eyed JACK

Took this picture when you were snuggling on my bed, you still keep the puppy innocent look at this angle. I just enjoy taking pictures for you as your postures are so natural and easy to command.

I used some of the older collection paper to create this clean line black, red & cream LO for you.

I've created some ruffles for the scallop paper so that it can fit into the 12" height.

Initially, I've wanted to place the crown on your head but find that is nicer to leave it else where. Supposed to dress it up, I applied Rock Candy to give the crackle look instead.

17 July, 2010

a DAY out

This is 1 of the FASTest LO I ever do, all done in less than 2hr this morning!!!
I was debating between ECHO Summertime or K&CO Green House. Both of them has the bright and cheery elements. Final winner ==> K&CO Green House.

I'm determined to reduce my stash, 1 of the way is to use as many pieces of paper as possible on a LO/project. Here, I've used 3pcs of patterned papers and 1pc cardstock.

I enjoyed myself using the paper crimper to give some "volume" to the flat paper. It's the yellow patterned paper that got the "crimpered" effect.

13 July, 2010

Your MAIDEN year

I've spend more than 21 days on this 2-pages LOs, 1 of the longest time I spent on a LO!!! This is the LONG-winded process:
*2-3days to select the photos for printing;
*7-8days on paper selection, initially, I've wanted to use BG's Lemonade but set on FP's Kruft instead. If I do not use it now, not sure when I'm going to use it, I bought them when they were still hot on the shelve, probably 1-1½years ago;
*4-5days on sketches;
*6-7days to create the LOs;
*½ day for the final touch-up.

I'm doing this 2-pages LOs to document the changes in your first year, most people will use the title your FIRST year, unable to explain why but I like to use the word MAIDEN for anything that is done the first time.

The tree looks boring, I've jazzed it up with glitter flowers and dew drops. Added baby theme rub-ons and hanged a baby girl dress by the branch.

1 of the many techniques that I've learnt, UTEEd this heart-shaped die-cut a few times and used the sparkle embossing powder for the final layer to give the sparky effect.

I bought this 7G wax seal thingy for a long long time, finally put it to use.

03 July, 2010

be HUMBLE to admit

It's clearly his team is playing prank by "massaging" the number to make it look good and meeting the KRAs. He has chosen to be a broadcaster to let the whole world know that he's on top of things when he is not at all!!!!

My team has highlighted that something is amiss with such requests and is getting to us pretty often, I took the initiative to alert the overall in-charge, as all the while I thought that he has direct control over this team.

He came to me to ask why did I go to his boss, how come I don't go to him? I've explained myself. Thereafter, he had been coming to my office to ask this, ask that, why this, why that, blah blah blah, this had been going on since last Wed (30 Jun 2010). It's a real pain in my neck to entertain such a person. I feel that he is trying to find fault with my team in whatever mean he can.

I would conclude that this is clearly his team wrong doing, we can close this chapter by putting thing back to order and he should let his team know that this is not right and not to do it again. He has chosen to openly shared this information with people who are not supposed to know. This is like washing his dirty linen in the public!!!

I hope that he do not think that I'm out to get his team into trouble, what I'm doing is part of my duty and role in the organisation.

Lesson learnt is to keep a low profile if you suspected that you are not doing the right thing and be humble to admit it.

13 June, 2010

Ballet Exam 14 Apr 2010

My initial intention was to create a 1-page LO to showcase how I was amazed by the hair-stylist, uncle David's magic hands to "transform" your hair from with fringe to no fringe happening right in front of my eyes within minutes.I've received this set of MME Out & About Paper kit from MWL for successfully completed their membership reward system to SFL. Since I touched on your ballet exam and still have complimenting stash left, might as well create another LO for your first ballet milestone:A good way to use up my stash, but I still have a lot a lot more to go!!!!

05 June, 2010

Crossed eyes!!!!

Crossed eyes, or strabismus as it is medically termed, is a condition in which both eyes do not look at the same place at the same time. It occurs when an eye turns in, out, up or down and is usually caused by poor eye muscle control or a high amount of farsightedness.
I snapped this photo when Ani was plaiding your hair and instantly you gave me this crossed eyes, nerdy look!!! How can I not scrap this candid shot of you?
Scribble Scrabble Evelyn's collection of paper were used here and YOU have "instructed" me to use these 2 pieces of paper and not the other 2!! I've use Making Merories's Addie diecut scallop as the background, they've blended in nicely.
I've glossy "accented" the cherries and some of the Prima petals. Rock "Candied" the bracket and added crystal bling blings.

Hope you'll like it.

03 June, 2010

SPOOKY Butterfly

It's your maiden attendance to a Halloween cum Birthday party on 31 October 2009. I bought this top from Bossini and painted your face for you. I've showed you some face painting pictures and you've chosen the butterfly, your wish granted.

Knowing that you'll be attending such a party, I bought some Halloween theme paper and embellishments from LP and Joann to scrap this event.

Intially, I've wanted to use the title "Hallo-fly", a "combination" of Halloween and Butterfly, I felt that I didn't get the right mix, therefore, changed to Spooky Butterfly.

Simply LOVE this 4x4 butterfly double-dies from Quickutz and put it to good use. Here, I mimicked your face painting and glad that they do look alike!!!

I've used Hambly's Halloween rub-on to show the skeleton climbing upwards.

02 June, 2010


Created this layout to document how you were punished for urinating on the floor. Kid has naughty corner, you've naughty dustbin!!! You were barely 5 months old then. You are 7 years old now, time flies.

I got this SEI - Simple Sets range of paper during Memoiract open-house clearance sale late last year. Wanted this range of paper for MAN or BOY theme layout or project. Came in handy for this layout.

The title were given some effect by splashing some crackle paint - Picket Fence and Clear Rock Candy.

I enjoy creating layout for you, you are just so photogenic!!! Here is 1 I did sometime ago - NEW AGE CARPET

01 June, 2010

My Furry Friends

I completed this in Mar 2010 but didn't get around to load it up.
These pictures were taken in Aug 2009, you were playing with our 2 furry friends. After much running and hopping around, you all were tired and all sat down to take a breather. I've used We R Memory Keepers White Out range of paper for this layout. This set of paper have been with me for soooooo soooooo long.

I've misted the page using Heidi Swappe 2 mini masks and dotted the Richard Marks dome crystal in the center to complete the daisy look.