28 September, 2010

Life goes on....

I told Sir that I felt drained and tired. I need a break (1-2 months) but I'll sure return to the workforce as I still want to enjoy the government benefit aka CPF for at least the next 10-15 years. Or should I say that I'm saving for my princess's 1st home.

My health had suffered greatly in the recent months and I've made a rational decision to call it a day. Someone has advised me, it's a big organisation, they can survive without you or they may not need you in days to come and they may just ask you to leave.

Living in pink of health and a balanced lifestyle is what I want for my life.

I've slogged hard the last 3+ years. Took me more than 6 months to convince the management to allow me to mingle with the sales and sure enough, the gap is bridged and both are working in cohesion and lesser hostility.

I think I'm overly passionate to my work, for the last 1.5 years, I've worked on Sat, Sun, Public Holiday, X'mas Eve, New Year Eve, I do not know what is called holiday. One phone call and I'll set up my laptop to work!!!

I can still remembered that I've cried hard during my 1st CNY with them, we have to work on 2 weekends prior to CNY!! When and where do I find time to prepare for CNY? Lesson learnt, I started to prepare for CNY when X'mas is not even here yet!!

I've cried again during X'mas Eve because I need to support the operation till 7.45pm. By the time I got to where we are supposed to be, turkey been cut and ate, food were cold.

This year's New Year's Eve, I only got off work around 8+pm though I was supposed to leave by 6pm. Halfway through the celebration, received a phonecall to approve a document, I obediently went home to do it.

During my long absence, the team were put on trial run for the actual event that is going to happen in Oct. I did a full delegation of my duties and they did well.

26 September, 2010

Reservist 09 - 24 Sep 2010

Time flies, my helper has completed her 2 years contract with me and it's time for her to go home. I'm glad that she has agreed to work another year with me.

I remembered 2-3 years ago, I have chatted with my Sir, no matter how good a domestic helper can be, I'm set to change once contract is completed. I do not mind to do the training all over again. This was a lesson learnt from my previous helper's experience. Initially, she has agreed to renew her contract for 2 years, however, her work attitude and performance has drastically changed after she came back from her home leave. I've endured for 6 months and planned to change her by the 9th month. Lucky me that she came to tell me she needs to go home at the 8th month.

My current helper, I'm happy with her performance and she had been really dedicated to us. I'm lucky and proud to have her in my family. I shall call her the SME - subject matter expert for my household. During her absence, I was totally exhausted managing the chores at home. She had done a good job for me.

I've sounded her out if she is keen to work for me beyond 1 year, she seems keen because she needs money to build her dream home. Is that good news for me? I hope so.

I've a long to-do list during her absence / my long leave, guess what, little were completed or should I say, mojority didn't really get started at all!!! I've big plan for scrapping, all are on my desk or brain. I wanted to revamp some of the cabinets and storage, only managed to do 1-2. Well, I managed to clear a "truck load" of clothing, educational materials and shoes for Claris. This girl is Irene church mate's daughter. They've 2 kids, Claris, 2 years old and a boy 7-8mths old, HB is working in the church and the sole-breadwinner.

This 18 days at home has proven 1 thing, I cannot be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mum), I'll become insane. Working is the only way to keep me sane and enjoy life better.