31 May, 2010

It's OVER and gone

GOOD NEWS, my menses was overdue and I waited eagerly for another 2 weeks to see if I'm pregnant. Yes, it's confirmed that I'm pregnant. Appointment was fixed on 15 May 2010, 1 day after my birthday. So excited!!!! The day we had been waiting for.

Seen the gynae and confirmed that I'm 5+ weeks pregnant, still early to see anything, just the sac. Appointment was fixed in 3 weeks times to confirm this pregnancy.

22 May 2010 (Saturday), I noticed that I've some light spotting and decided to rest more as this pregnancy didn't come easy.

On 24 May 2010 (Monday), I just felt that something is not right, went to see the gynae, he has ordered me to rest in bed for the whole week as from the scan, the sac doesn't seem to be growing at the right speed. I was given a hormones jab and did a blood test.

My spotting didn't get better though I've been resting, doing nothing except for laying on the bed or resting on sofa!!! I've called the clinic to make an appointment to see the gynae on Thu (Fri is PH) to check on the blood test result.

Blood test looks positive but scan still didn't show any growth of the sac and no heart beat as yet. Gynae has advised to wait till Mon (which will be exactly 7 weeks) to decide what to do. If it is not growing, I need to remove it. He has warned me, if I noticed something dropped out from my virginal, I need to put in plastic bag, ice packed it back for him to see.

BAD NEWS, looking at the situation, I know that this pregnancy is not going to work. Decided to "release" myself, to eat my heart out this weekend as next week if I were to do the procedure, I wont be able to eat many things.

After dinner, I need to release my bowel. Suddenly I broke into cold sweat and felt an acute pulling in my lower abdominal area, next thing I know is something of a bean-size slipped out from my virginal. Now, I totally understand the pain we always see in movie. I smsed friend whom has similar experience for advice.

To get away from the emotional swing, I went back to office to work the next day!!! Work is a good avenue for me to "unload" my emotion.

Saw my gynae on Monday (31 May 2010), confirmed it's gone. Was given 5 days MC to rest at home and to see him again on Friday.

A short 2-3 weeks of joy and excitment, then I was still debating with my gynae that I want a Jan 2011 baby not Dec 2010. I want to buy the Quinny stroller system, I want to get the Medela Breast Pump from US, I want to use BumWear, send Anya to Childcare from Dec 2010, etc etc.

10 May, 2010

FINALLY over with the recon work

Phew.....it's a long 4-5 months struggle with the recon. Finally, it's reconciled and resolved now. I hope my work life is back to normal now.

While waiting for his back-filled to come in, I'm unable take leave. I can take leave when he is around BUT from experience, the time he is around is always 1st week or last week of the month where we all cannot take leave. How sad can this be?

I haven't attend SB classes for a long long time, the last probably in Nov 2009!!!Angie has helped me to sign up for SB class at MWL on 25 May 2010 which I've applied leave, HOORAY. After such a long break, it's time for me to pick up my scrapping again. Looking forward to the class.

Last Sat, received a call from Spotlight that QK Epic six has arrived and is while stock lasted. I hurried get change and ready to charge down to get what I had been waiting for. Received another call from them to say that they've made a mistake on the call as there is someone before me for this machine and it's not my turn yet!!! Next shipment will be in 2 weeks time, I got to wait again.

Fingers & toes crossed, hope to share some good news in 2 weeks time. Stay tune.