27 June, 2011

iPhone and MAN

What's the purpose of a smart phone, to:
1) be contactable;
2) call someone;
3) make reservation;
4) take photo or video;
5) sms;
6) check email;
7) watch video;
8) play games, etc

I think majority of the MAN out there use it for games. At least, that is what I had observed about my man.

Yesterday, WuShu teacher feedback that she cannot remember the sequence during the exam the week before, therefore, she needs to re-take in 10 weeks time.

What is PaPa doing during the whole of last term? He didn't even know that last week was exam while he was there during the session. He told me she cannot remembered, therefore, teacher is "drilling" her!!!

Thinking back, I realised she was sort of demorolised by the whole incident of doing it again and again and still cannot do it right. No wonder, she told me she don't want me to pay WuShu, when asked again, she told me she wants WuShu but don't want to do exam cause she cannot remember.