25 February, 2010

Gift for Sir's boss

Get my hands to transform a simple $2 cork board to a frame for my Sir's boss, Mdm Adina.
She has flew over during the CNY to oversee some operational issue and we've invited her to our neighbourhood CNY cum BBQ gathering. She mentioned that she has enjoyed herself and glad that she got to see the other side of Singapore, not the usual busy air-conditioned business district, hotel & shopping malls.

I bought a few of these cork boards from Daiso long time ago, I didn't get around to work on it. Here, I've coated the frame with GESSO, painted over with Kaiser's Metallic Gold, then Ranger Distress crackle paint - Tarnish Brass and topped it with Mod Podge Glitter Hologram Gold to get the glittery effect.

Not many photos were taken, therfore, creativity is limited.

The meaning of "Lo Hei" here.


The flowers details

20 February, 2010


This year you've triple celebration for your birthday.

23 Jan 2010 - combined party @ JWT Kids Gym together with Aden, Renee & Belicia.

A round of applause to welcome our princess, SNOW WHITE

to our castle....

Snow White with Tinkerbell

11 Feb 2010 - party in school with friends

13 Feb 2010 - reunion cum birthday celebration.
All ready to start....

Champagne popping for the birthday girl

14 February, 2010

新年来咯....here comes the TIGER year



Hasn't scrap for some time and the urge is getting stronger as the days go. To get an instantaneous fixed from my scrapping itch, I've made these ang bao for the "special privileged" group, hope they like it.

12 February, 2010

Sponge BOB Square Pants

You've requested for SPONGIE to be your coming birthday theme, why do you want him???

Last year, I've prepared your 3rd birthday party as early as Nov/Dec 2008. This year due to the erratic work schedule I'm in, I'm totally out of touch till last week of Jan 2010, came the mad mad rush to get your party supplies in in time for your party in school on 11 Feb 2010.

Special thanks to eBay, I managed to get what I need and all came in just at the right time for your party. These are what I've gotten for you:
1) Party bag with thank you tag

2) Stationery set

3) Stickers and tattoos

4) Balloon

5) Goodies bag

Last year, you have mini donuts, this year you get Sponge BOB egg-free cup-cakes

04 February, 2010

I'm DRAINED......

The last 2-3 weeks have been the most miserable days that I have ever experienced in CCSB, this episode is far worst than 2 years ago with the perfect "taiji" mistress.

She had been pushing me, I've reached my threhold, cannot move anymore!!!

What exactly is wrong with the reconciliation? I've checked through every possible entries, yet it didn't balance and the difference is soooo huge. What can be wrong?

Last year-end, I've made a wrong JV entries, how come she didn't notice it? I clearly remembered asking her to check my entries and she told me is correct. These 2 days she left for KL and "cleverly" arranged for me to attend the Jan review tele-conference meeting. I think luck is with me, he has accepted the error, just needed me to explain in detail on Monday when he is back. I feel bad that he needs to do the explanation to the top.

My productivity had been slacking, this has got to with the permanent staggered shift, working from 10.30am to 7.30pm. I work better in the morning, able to complete and take a breather at 3+pm. Will the day of working from 8.30am comes back to me?

With all the unhappiness, I'm glad that my sales teams are standing by me, their presence may not help to solve my issues, it does give me a comfy shoulder to rest on. My sincere thanks to them, very much appreciated.