18 July, 2011

Special Tissue

She was down with fever and vomit. Brought her to NUH A&E and she is recovering. This morning, there were 2 incidents of bladder lost control, this really freak me out as she did the urine test and was confirmed that was not UTI. To have better visibility of the color, I told her I'm going to put special tissue on her panty, this will help to collect her urine if she happens to lose control. In the afternoon, she came over to tell me, "mummy, I know what is the that special tissue, it's Whisper" hahahaha.

27 June, 2011

iPhone and MAN

What's the purpose of a smart phone, to:
1) be contactable;
2) call someone;
3) make reservation;
4) take photo or video;
5) sms;
6) check email;
7) watch video;
8) play games, etc

I think majority of the MAN out there use it for games. At least, that is what I had observed about my man.

Yesterday, WuShu teacher feedback that she cannot remember the sequence during the exam the week before, therefore, she needs to re-take in 10 weeks time.

What is PaPa doing during the whole of last term? He didn't even know that last week was exam while he was there during the session. He told me she cannot remembered, therefore, teacher is "drilling" her!!!

Thinking back, I realised she was sort of demorolised by the whole incident of doing it again and again and still cannot do it right. No wonder, she told me she don't want me to pay WuShu, when asked again, she told me she wants WuShu but don't want to do exam cause she cannot remember.

28 March, 2011


Mail room uncle came to me with a letter from Korea addressed to Ms. Kelly, his instinct told him it's for Legal department as our previous director's name is Kelly K. I probed further and realised that this letter is for Kelly, the CS in Shanghai office!!!

Uncle, doesn't mean that Kelly is for my team. We should see the content or nature of the letter.

30 January, 2011

Don't tell mummy

Been raining the last 1½ days and we woke up late 7.30am!!! How to get all of us out of the house by 7.55am, how...how...how....

After much persuasion, managed to coax her to shower. Next stuck on the sofa bed half-dressed, because she couldn't decide how her hair to be done, 1-min, she wants 2pony-tails, next, she wanted 1-pony tail.

Left home at 8.05am, no need to ask, we are late for her school.

It's my usual routine to call home during lunch to check on her, she'll share her school activities, who is naughty, playful or whatever. She shared that she almost tore a book in class and teacher has taped it back. Passed the phone to my helper, helper shared with me that teacher has told her that though is raining, she should not be late for school, should go earlier, immediately she told helper to shhhh, don't say. Well, I put down down the phone and told helper that I'll call her later to understand what exactly did teacher tell her.

Teacher has advised her not to be late though is raining, helper asked her why was she late, she said "because I don't want to wake up". Once again, she has "warned" my helper not to tell me or I'll be angry.

10 November, 2010

New LIFE......

Yes, I've decided to put financial accounting industry in the cold storage. Many have commented that I did a good job and will move far if I were to continue.

I've discussed with Sir that I do not mind a pay cut in exchange for a more balanced & quality lifestyle. To choose between work and family life, I go for the later.

I ever mention in my earlier post that I'll take 1-2 months break before I start to work again. Certain circumstances are simply not within our control.

Just 2 weeks into my much deserved break, I had just started work as an administrator with a US MNC. It's a total new experience for me but I know for sure that I can do it well and looking forward to a balanced and quality lifestyle. You can feel the joy with me.

Some positive compliments that I've received:
1) my princess is happy that I work at this "new" place where I need to take the MRT and walk. Supposed she can sense that her mummy is happier now;

2) I look brighter, liver and cheery as compared to before;

3) my helper has complimented that I looked happy and better just 1 week into my new role!!!

All the positive compliments had motivated me to egg on with zeal and vibrant. I do hope my experience in financial accounting will help to improve the process flow and move the service level to another level.

31 October, 2010

Fun-filled day at USS (Universal Studio Singapore)

Since Sir is off on Friday, I've decided to ride on RWS's October promotion of $10 rebate in the form of meal and retail voucher with every entrance ticket purchased.
Hello ALL from USS!!!

We started the day early, around 10am. I was surprised that it was crowded irregardless if is weekdays or weekends. I'm sure they gonna break-even soon at the popularity it is going. I'm one of those that will help to boost their sales, I was there 2 weeks ago (team outing) and am here again.

To our surprise, you've tried all the rides except the mummy due to height restriction. I can tell that you've enjoyed yourself and we enjoyed it too. We shall made this a periodic outing, probably bi-yearly.

Below are some pictures to share:

~~~upload error, please be patient, thanks~~~

Stay tune for some updates in 1-2 weeks time!!!

11 October, 2010

S$1,800/- unexpected spending

S$1,800 is the cost of repair to my car. What did I do?

On 07 Oct 2010 (Thur), I met an accident on my way to Subordinate Court for SCT consultation. I was turning to the extreme right turning lane and I know that my car can pass through, yet I hit the lorry which has over took me earlier. Does this got to do with ego? Why didn't he move on?

After SCT consultation, I drove to the workshop, thinking that this will probably cost me S$1k. Totally shock by the quotation!!!

Life without a car is a total mess, especially on weekend when we need to ferry her between classes.

Fri, I took the MRT to Joo Koon then taxi to work. My colleague who stays near me has given me a lift home and I can "depend" on him for the next few days.

Good to have a almost new car at this time. No more snoopy, after I leave, nobody can catch me on the street. kekeke