10 November, 2010

New LIFE......

Yes, I've decided to put financial accounting industry in the cold storage. Many have commented that I did a good job and will move far if I were to continue.

I've discussed with Sir that I do not mind a pay cut in exchange for a more balanced & quality lifestyle. To choose between work and family life, I go for the later.

I ever mention in my earlier post that I'll take 1-2 months break before I start to work again. Certain circumstances are simply not within our control.

Just 2 weeks into my much deserved break, I had just started work as an administrator with a US MNC. It's a total new experience for me but I know for sure that I can do it well and looking forward to a balanced and quality lifestyle. You can feel the joy with me.

Some positive compliments that I've received:
1) my princess is happy that I work at this "new" place where I need to take the MRT and walk. Supposed she can sense that her mummy is happier now;

2) I look brighter, liver and cheery as compared to before;

3) my helper has complimented that I looked happy and better just 1 week into my new role!!!

All the positive compliments had motivated me to egg on with zeal and vibrant. I do hope my experience in financial accounting will help to improve the process flow and move the service level to another level.

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