31 October, 2010

Fun-filled day at USS (Universal Studio Singapore)

Since Sir is off on Friday, I've decided to ride on RWS's October promotion of $10 rebate in the form of meal and retail voucher with every entrance ticket purchased.
Hello ALL from USS!!!

We started the day early, around 10am. I was surprised that it was crowded irregardless if is weekdays or weekends. I'm sure they gonna break-even soon at the popularity it is going. I'm one of those that will help to boost their sales, I was there 2 weeks ago (team outing) and am here again.

To our surprise, you've tried all the rides except the mummy due to height restriction. I can tell that you've enjoyed yourself and we enjoyed it too. We shall made this a periodic outing, probably bi-yearly.

Below are some pictures to share:

~~~upload error, please be patient, thanks~~~

Stay tune for some updates in 1-2 weeks time!!!

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