11 October, 2010

S$1,800/- unexpected spending

S$1,800 is the cost of repair to my car. What did I do?

On 07 Oct 2010 (Thur), I met an accident on my way to Subordinate Court for SCT consultation. I was turning to the extreme right turning lane and I know that my car can pass through, yet I hit the lorry which has over took me earlier. Does this got to do with ego? Why didn't he move on?

After SCT consultation, I drove to the workshop, thinking that this will probably cost me S$1k. Totally shock by the quotation!!!

Life without a car is a total mess, especially on weekend when we need to ferry her between classes.

Fri, I took the MRT to Joo Koon then taxi to work. My colleague who stays near me has given me a lift home and I can "depend" on him for the next few days.

Good to have a almost new car at this time. No more snoopy, after I leave, nobody can catch me on the street. kekeke

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