16 March, 2010


Last Sat, we went to Jurong Point to trade-in my N85 for the famous & much talked about iphone. I've a HARD HARD time adjusting this new gadget. So far so BAD, lost majority of my contacts as my N85 is not "talking" to my SIM card. I'm trying to build up my contacts again, still trying.....

Last night, I didn't sleep well cause I was terribly upset by the reply emails from her. I've planned to do some work, after reading that 2 emails, I just shut down and tears rowed down in automatic gear. Does she has feeling when she wrote those emails? or should I say, do I consider her a human and a WOMAN? How could such words come out from her mouth?

Today is Tue, I went over to TPY for meeting. As usual, we do not waste our time while driving back to Tuas, I've a close heart-to-heart conversation with my new boss. Frankly, I told her I'm finding my way out, I know my tolerance level will be up soon. She can see the unnecessary tension that had fallen on me, she has requested for time to bridge the gaps between her & me and bring his standard up to be aligned with ours.

I hope I can survive through this ordeal, it's just get tougher as the days go.

08 March, 2010

no more IMAGE!!!!

Last weekend, CCSB has their usual yearly Sales Conference at Batam, Harris Resort. This year, many non-sales functions were invited to the event. I've opted to stay over as I feel the cream of the event is the dinner. We have dinner by the pool.

I was warned that I'll be threw into pool after the dinner, I got myself fully-geared in bikini. kekeke.

We have great fun getting wet and got whoever we can into the pool. A few iphone were "injured" during this play.

They get to see the other side of me, I got myself wet, drink, smoke, tattoo, played my heart out. Whatever a usual finance person DON'T do, I did them all!!! After all, finance person is a normal human being too.

From this event, I also see the different sides of others too.

Back to work....SERIOUS / STRICT / STERN

04 March, 2010

"Pin San" aka fainted

Tuesday, I just got home around 8pm, feeling drained by the usual month-end chores.

Sir was "summoned" to help out at the Ang Bao distribution for the Aged event. Princess wants to follow, alright, please go and aunty will go bring you back at 9pm.

You came back with my helper as promised.

Jr A : mummy, mummy, please get changed to go down to help papa, I'm scare that papa will "pin san"

Me : What happened, my darling?

Jr A : The auntie talked very...very loud, she is very angry, I want to protect papa.

Me : ok, ok, I shall call papa to ask if he is ok or need our help.

Jr A : NO.....you need to get change NOW and we go down together to protect papa!!!

I simply cannot believe that such words came out of your mouth, all my constant guidance, sharing and unconditioned love has moulded you this way?

I supposed I deserve a good pat on my shoulder for whatever I've done for the last 4 years.

02 March, 2010

It's painful.....OUCH!

This was an email that I've sent to my group of friends with toddler to WARN them about the toy car track and the little "drama" you went through.

Just to share what has happened to my girl and be wary.
It's time to go home so teacher got them to tidy up. As usual, she super gan cheong, (she must have ran) slipped and fell on the floor, she sat down then fell backward to hit the toy race car track. There isn't any sharp edges on the track but this is what she got. She didn't cry, teachers didn't find anything amiss till they saw blood dripping from her head. The wound on the right is about 2.5cm and needed to be stitched, my poor girl need to undergo GA to have it stitched. The one on the left is just slight abrasion. There is another 2 lighter marks which were gone by now.
Do be mindful when playing with those tracks.

"enhanced" the word OUCH!


You look sooooo adorable in the blue ballet outfit. How can I not scrap these photos?Yes....yes, we've waited closed to 3 months for the shoes to come in from UK and FINALLY, you are "COMPLETE" for your lesson. Teacher Cherie insisted that you take a picture with the flower, isn't it thoughtful of her?

I've "dressed-up" the butterfly with stickles and crystal beads

cut out the tulle, together with ballet-related embellishement to create a border.

This LO was featured in MWL's LOTW - week 5.